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Colaboradio airs and streams every Tuesday 6am - 6am Wednesday as a part of the FRBB (Freie Radios Berlin Brandenburg) https://fr-bb.org/
On the 4th Tuesday of the month they make a live show from KAPiTAL.

Panther Ray - an open platform on water

Panther Ray - Alles im floss is a collective established in Berlin 5 years ago. The talk introduced the story of the collective, explaining how a dream of freedom and reclaiming the waters of the city became an open cultural platform on water. An upcycling project that became real through crowdfunding and the commitment of the crew, Panther Ray is constantly searching for collaborators and cultural projects to pursue.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Ted Brasko show - new endavours

In a show spanning music and theatre, performing artist Ted Brasko travels through ficticiuos characters and identities. The show explores the genres Rap, Trap, IDM, Singer-Songwriter, Electronica, Ambient, Classical music etc and is completed by costumes, lighting and changing guest performers

Pulau G-invitation to a public consultation

Pulau G (Island G) is an artificial island constructed as part of a large-scale land reclamation project on the north coast of Jakarta, Indonesia. Through various failures, its development as elite real estate is currently halted, leaving it as an awkward sandbank wasteland mostly visited by birds. Despite (or rather in answer to) spiralling global debt and environmental turbulence, large real estate projects like the one intended for Island G are premised on high-risk, high-reward financial speculation, luring foreign investors with the promise of enormous capital gains.

For the talk Jorgen Doyle, Hannah Ekin, Alex Head, and Anna Kostreva (Wasteland Twinning Network) staged a public consultation where they performed the arguments of major stakeholders in the island's future.

Women* Making Art in Public Space

Women* Making Art in Public Space is a female* street performance collective/open platform in Berlin that connects dance, play, theatre, music, visual art and social activism.
Their focus is to play, question and change the interactions of bodies (human and non-human) in the public space. They come from different artistic backgrounds, they share an intersectional queer feminist perspective and practices of embodiment.

rixdorfer markt

Rixdorfer Weihnachtsmarkt is one of the most charming christmas markets in Berlin. KAPiTAL is there to celebrate the season and serve Heisse Luft!

5 Year Birthday Celebration

In Germany, traditional preparation for the Carnival take place on the 11.11 from 11h11. This time of rejuvenation, of the exception and creativity is for us the time of the artists. Every year, KAPiTAL celebrates the artistic vision and puts on a cheerful mask.


Women have been, throughout history, portrayed as secondary characters in life and art. It's time to change the narrative and put them into the spotlight. By rewriting their stories and transforming them into main characters the workshop inspired to rethink traditional role models. It displayed an investigation of the complexity of their character, breaking with the outdated stereotypes which have been produced for many years.

B:Witch n Monk

Heidi Heidelberg and Mauricio Velasierra aka Anglo-Colombian experimental duo B/Witch 'n' Monk use bespoke electronics to bring together their unusual instrumentation of anarchic soprano vocals, irreverent guitar and subverted traditional flutes. Together they have performed across Europe and internationally, as likely to be found at prestigious jazz festivals and venues as they are improvising live in overgrown East London gardens or communist Italian skateparks. In 2016 they released 'We Are Peering Over' to critical acclaim and their upcoming album will be released in April 2020.

WEBSITE: http://www.bitchnmonk.com
Photo credit: Jean-Paul Berthoin

Artist talk - Xueh Magrini Troll

Xueh Magrini Troll aka Xuehka belongs to the third generation of female artists in her family. Drawing is her way of understanding the world around her and also to discover herself. Feminist, defender of equality and diversity, fervent lover of freedom. She studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia, Illustration at the Escuela de Arte Diez in Madrid and Visual Communication at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin.


Charly Roussel artist talk - Interfere Manipulation

It's hard enough to push the giant ideologies - capitalism and communism - out of mind, long enough to imagine an alternative world. Harder still is to model such a world in art, without slipping into didactic propaganda languages, which cancel the protean human spirit, that first inspired the work. It is this dilemma that motivates Charly Roussel's art practice. For many years, his paintings have performed the messy reality of living, moving, and feeling in the world, as a subject at once expressive, desiring, and critically engaged.

KAPiTAL Schaustellung at Schau Fenster

The collective organized an exhibition showing its collection and works from 88 artists who have done an artist talk at KAPiTAL at Schau Fenster in Kreuzberg.

The Fabric of you

Josephine Lohoar Self is a Scottish BAFTA nominated writer and director, working with live action and stop motion animation. As a part of the Berlinale Talents, she presented a selection of her films at KAPiTAL. From early student experimental works, to her most recent film, 'The Fabric of You'.
The event was filmed as part of Berlinale Talents.


Deeply Personal, Sweetly Soulful, Searing and Brave

Deeply Personal, Sweet, Soulful, Searing and Brave - A life-changing new performance piece from Jon Whitten (Royal Opera House, SOHO theatre, Tiny Desk Concerts) which combined music, theatre, puppetry and live art making it at least four times more impressive than any show that is only one of those things.

Portrait Photo taken by Cassandra Posada Garcia

FriendZone.Studio presents La Puente

Friendzone.Studio presented the brand-new photography book "La Puente" at KAPiTAL on December the 18th at 8pm together with photographer Charlotte Schmitz. "La Puente" portrays women working in the biggest brothel in southern Ecuador. The aim with this project is to allow for a more complex understanding of sex workers, by letting them create and define their own narratives and to overall challenge perceptions of how sex workers are being seen and portrayed in our societies.


After a two-year long journey around the world, in various festivals (in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, India) collecting notable distinctions, THEOX was screened in Berlin in KAPiTAL. Director Giorgos Nikopoulos was there to discuss the film, its social - political symbolism, the animating technique he used to incarnate the characters, his academic research in shadow puppetry and traditional performing art forms combined with contemporary animation.

The infinite possibilities of paperfolding

Danish paper artist Simon Nomis uses his expertise in Origami to create unique hanging mobiles with a variety of original Origami figures. He has been folding paper since childhood, which can be seen in his works that are full of life, balance and expression. In the talk he introduced us to the world of origami and share his story with us.

Nina Schönefeld : Talk for the Project Space Anniversary

For her talk at KAPiTAL Nina E. Schönefeld screened her movie L.E.O.P.A.R.T. (2019, 17:13 min.) a part of a trilogy along with DARK WATERS (2018, 15:55 min.) and SNOW FOX (2018, 10:03 min.)
The focus of Nina E. Schönefeld in general lies on political, social and digital changes in society... phenomena of abrupt shift... people and organisations who are radically different.

Maroulita de Kol

What does tradition mean, how is it still relevant in modern times and how can we relate to it?
"Tradition offers music for the simple as well as the monumental moments in life, from weddings-funerals to songs for washing the clothes in the river." Maroulita de Kol is a Greek pianist, singer and composer living in Berlin. She studied piano performance at the Music and Science Department of the University of Macedonia where she graduated in 2010.

Street Philosophy preview of Kümmere Dich

Back in 2019 Arte came by and filmed part of one of their episodes for Street Philosophy. Who are we? And how do we want to live? Street Philosophy looks for answers to life's big question on the streets of Berlin.

In this episode Ronja Von Rönne meets the Neukölln resident Jan, who visits his grandmother every weekend, the rapper Tua, the philosopher Dennis Peterzelka and the politician Philipp Amthor. Why is it good to take care of others and to take responsibility when we don’t gain anything from it? Who am I responsible for? And what would Kant and Nietsche have said? The episode was presented for an audience followed by an Q&A.


Work-In-Progress Presentation: Contemporary Theatre in Ukraine

The theatre residency 'Catch a Cat' gives young artists from Ukraine space and time to develop new ideas and connect with the local and international theatre scene. It seeks to foster a sustainable, creative exchange between Germany and Ukraine. After five days of workshops they presented their work in a final event, which included a performance and a discussion. The project 'Catch a Cat' has been funded by and implemented within the framework of MitOst e.V.


48 Stunden Neukölln

Since its opening in 2014, KAPiTAL participated every year in the art festival 48 Stunden Neukölln and provided visitors with exciting artist talks. 48 Stunden Neukölln is a forum for projects in all conceivable artistic disciplines found in the art scene in Berlin. The festival both presents and supports art, thereby contributing to discussions of ideas effecting society at large while also reflecting said society. All segments of the local population get involved, regardless of age, ethnic background or social standing. Art here is something more than what's on view in galleries and museums during 48 Stunden.

Bing, Bing Klick - Chat-Poetry-Lesung

Collectext invited to an evening of bing, click and clack. Giving our silent, but meaningful messenger feeds a voice and treat them like poetry.
Special guests: Anna Mayr mit ihrem Chat-Bot, Michelle Obama




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